Skirts to Perk-up Your Look with Kurtas

The idea of pairing skirt with kurta is not new, if we look at the cultural perspective there, in Sikh culture a short kurta has also been seen styled with long skirts having gota. They are usually ethnic skirts purposefully worn for festivities. But now we have skirts kurta duo in trend. You can see the trend trending around you. The pairing got fabulous results, even celebrities have seen flaunting the duo.

So we dig in a little and brought you few skirts for women in here from the latest collection of famous brands. You can see how beautifully they are paired with kurtas and can take inspiration from them. You can buy the kurta and these ladies skirt from the links attached.

Indigo Look from Island Tales

For those who love flaunting short kurtis, this can be a refreshing look. An indigo blue short kurta paired with a white floral skirt. Both of the pieces are cotton made and assures you feel comfortable while flaunting them. From the given link you can buy the dupatta too, in case you loved that too.

gorgeous indigo look

A Contemporary Yellow Kurta with Floral Skirt

This look comprises a kurta paired with a beautiful floral skirt. Though they look perfectly combined together you have another option too you can put the outer shell side and flaunt the printed inner shell of this kurta with the floral skirt.

cotton kurta


A Cotton Kurti with Floral Skirt

For those who are looking for a summery skirt and with a good combination, this doe in soothing blue with floral print is perfect. Each of them is crafted in finest cotton and ensures comfort all day long while flaunting.


A Dramatic Fusion: Skirt with Blazer

Now if you are done with pairing skirts with kurta you can also opt a fusional look by pairing the skirt with summer blazer. All you need a little bit confidence in your look and you will get praised for the experiment.


skirts for women


Contrasting Skirt with Long Kurta

You can pick a flared skirt and style it with sleeveless long kurta just like this. The Skirt is giving a great contrasting match to the kurta and you can see the outcome is flawless and trendy, both at the same time.

These are a few examples of styling option of kurtas with a skirt. It's a new trend in fashion world which you can easily access. You buy these women skirts at and the whole look by following the link.

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